Roving Dynamics designs custom electronics and software for business and industry.

While the company is fairly new, the business is quite well established and the owner Boz under the guise of his old company, has completed several projects for Customers from around New Zealand and the World. Projects range from writing PC Desktop software and services, SQL Database designs and queries all the way through to low level electronic circuit design and firmware programming, some examples of which are on this site.

The philosophy of the company is to provide the customer with tailored, low maintenance systems which fit the companies business model or whatever it is trying to achieve with as little frills as possible, and to provide all the design files and source code to that system for the customer to examine and use as they will and to ensure no lock down is ever made. Where possible (and with the customers consent)  the goal is also to  release these designs to other engineers and interested parties where it can help them achieve similar goals,  improve their designs or just learn from my mistakes.

Feel free to browse through the projects on the site and to contact me using the links on the right if you have any specific requirements, a project idea, want to correct a mistake or even just want a chat, I never charge a penny for talking.

Likewise if your in the area (Marlborough, New Zealand) I always have time to share a coffee, tea or beer with like minded individuals.

multi-level probe

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