Almost there!

Stuart installed the latest revision onto the production line yesterday as they had a run of Sauvignon Blanc in standard green bottles going through.

When I got there I was greeted with a “it dont work” as the manager had watched a low-fill bottle travel past it without it registering. this was a bit of a downer as when I got there I watched it for 20 minutes solid or about 3000 bottles and it did not give one false reading and caught 1 overfill.

I stayed for another hour and all looked good, then to test it, stuart inserted a low-fill into the production line and it caught it promptly! The only thing I can think of was that in this new version we run through a short calibration routine just after reset, if it was doing this then it would account for it missing the initial low fill, however I cannot guarantee it.

According to the counters it had processed 15000 bottles and had 51 reject signals before I got there so about 1 in 300 bottles looking iffy!

The real test will be when we add on the extra equipment to actually take out or mark the bottles it detects, currently the plan for this is still in discussion, whether they try and divert the bottle off the production line after its caught, or my suggestion we somehow tag the bottle so the inspectors and packers can easily identify it. Once this is in place and we can actually check all the bottles will I know its good.

Still need to test the automatic calibration with red wines and clear bottles, but heres hoping

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