PCB’s and Prototypes

Version 1.0a schematic and board were completed in September and the PCB Gerber files  sent to Seeed Studios to be made up. These guys did a great job and a swift turnaround on my last project so I was keen to see how a more complex one looks (Surface mount and complex cut-outs)

mobile terminal version1.0a

Here is the schematic..

Rev A Mobile Terminal Schematic (Use only for reference, has many errors)

The PCB’s that finally arrived and were great except for a flaw where I forgot to add a via for one of the PIC32 ground pins is missing and a couple of components I used the wrong package for what I had in my parts bin!

As the boards were really good quality and did not take long to be manufactured and delivered (approx 12 days turnaround) and I was going to be busy on another project for two weeks I have made a revision B board and so will not be using the Rev A ones. The Rev B uses a different LIPO charger (TP4057 which is $0.20 as opposed to $0.70), a different Crystal (I’ve substituted the 4 pin one for a bog standard SMD type – I seriously underestimated how much more the 4-pin ones were and how much more difficult they were to get). I have also increased the dimensions a little and moves a few components around but is basically the same (I hope!)

Rev B Mobile Terminal Schematic (Use only for reference, has many errors)

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