Hack-a-Day and Github

Thanks to Hack-a-day for approving my suggestion to put on the fill level sensor write-up and thanks to all the comments on the site and via email I hope the files prove useful to at least one person

As a result of two of these emails I have moved into 2014 good and proper and created a GitHub repository for my open source stuff.  I will add the fill sensor as a test everything works and other projects as soon as I figure out fully how to work it. For those of you who read the rest of the site and emailed me to ask, the Mobile Terminal still has a few hardware bugs to sort out before I release the hardware designs, I’m close but hopefully another revision or two should see me there. Likewise the software for the terminal is really in its infancy (just a few Hello Worlds and bit of text over the Wi-Fi)

For those of you that don’t remember or know I found hack-a-day after someone suggested posting on my work on the Solari Message Board to them, the traffic it brought to my previous site totally crashed it. I now visit the site daily to see if anyones doing similar work to me and it comes in real handy.

I’m very busy back doing database and query changes for Indevin, this will last past the 2014 vintage in April so I won’t be working much on my electronics projects though I expect to finish the hardware design for the terminal before then so I can get straight in to writing the software for it..

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