Hack-a-Day IO

I’ve put the mobile terminal onto the hackaaday.io site as a project, I’m hoping to generate so feedback from it and to spur me in to action now I’ve officially been given a timetable to deliver a “product” by one of my customers

Still crazy busy, but as for a timeline on the project I have some below

September 2014 Prototype hardware complete.

Before December 2014 demonstrate to client (and world) a very simple data capture program using the prototype terminal, this first version will probably allow entry of tank dips, job status update and retrieve tank padlocks

2015: add a script engine that runs on the pic 32 of the terminal so that

    1. You don’t have to keep reflashing the device anytime you add a new function/menu to it.
    2. You can edit and download different scripts to different devices (eg a la technician device can be assigned a script for lab data collection and a cellar hand device will have different screens to a cellar supervisor, these can be downloaded to the device on power up or dynamically.
    3. The code can be edited and syntax checked on the PC before being converted to a byte code script for execution on the device. we use byte code to save space eg we will send an 0x4a instead of the text “PRINT” this means we can syntax check at the PC and save bandwidth to and from the network

Check it out (and vote!) at Hack-a-Day.IO


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