August Update

Just a quick update,


the revision 2 PCB is back from seeed studios (where EasyEda make their boards) and I’ve assembled most of it minus a couple of components I’m still waiting for, I’ve managed to power it on and check I can see the PIC with the programmer (so far so good!) and will be testing it over the next few days.

I’ve already had a re-think on the RFID and decided to put it on a daughter board to allow changing from a 125Khz to a 13.5Mhz system for another customer so there will be a rev 3 board sometime soon (hopefully before September as I’m away for 3 weeks in UK then)

Both my other projects are also in full swing, the catch2 system is about 80% done after a few changes and rethinks to the design, and we have also been re-thinking how to simplify and make the system fool-proof for the factory this will involve adding RFID tags to all the crates (a whopping $60 for 100!) and scanning the tag as they are weighed/cooked/stored.

I am also working 3 days a week on the Indevin project making some changes for the laboratory to achieve a new accreditation standard and to integrate their new sales and purchase order system into the production program.

busy, busy, busy…

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