Catch Production system. First Screen shots

Wow, I’ve never been so busy!

The first incomplete version of the Catch Production System has been installed in the factory. Several parts still need to be written such as the packing and dispatch screens and these will be addressed in the coming weeks.

Five touchscreens have been installed in the factory and the desktop application put on all PC’s in the office. the very first mussels have been received, weighed, barcoded and produced in the factory and the first production run is over and the data is in.

The client is pleased with the initial results and we are both looking forward to getting the rest of the system going. The final design is slightly different to the initial one and there are still problems to address like whether the NAS box is suitable (A 1Mhz ARM with 128MB of RAM is not really what I envisaged it going on!)

Anyway first screenshots below and update soon


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