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Hardware, so close now!

After several days of cussing and pulling out hair I have finally figured the problem with the power and wifi. The NCP1421 works OK but cannot handle the sudden load of 250mA+ put on it by the ESP8266 wifi quick … Continue reading

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Movember Update

Shaving This weekend – Thank god!

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Never enough serial ports

UARTS are great. Almost all peripherals have the option to communicate using a simple serial protocol. For my latest project a weighbridge HMI interface I needed 2 serial ports but wanted to use a low end PIC18 in order to … Continue reading

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Back to the grindstone

Finally managed to get a whole day back on the project after almost 2 months, almost seems 1 step back and two steps forward as: Changing the layout of the barcode scanner so it hits the window at an angle … Continue reading

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