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All initial pre-project consultations are free!

Most work is to a fixed hourly rate, however the clock doesn’t start ticking until we tell you and generally that is not until we have understood your problem or proposal and both are happy. Discounts are available for longer and more interesting projects. Most of my work is done from my office/lab here in Sunny Blenheim so there are no geographic restrictions on where my customer is located. NZ customers will need to add GST.

Its a small world so International orders are very welcome.

Under 8 Hours: NZ$130 per hour

8 – 24 Hours: NZ$110 Per hour

Contract Rate (Over 24 Hours/month) : NZ$100 Per Hour

Open Source Rate : Please call. (The more interesting the project the lower the rate!)

Special rates and fixed price projects are available for long term regular customers and of course for really interesting projects, especially where interesting and open source meet! Please call.

No licencing costs are charged on the systems developed, it will be your to use as you wish. You will be given complete access to commented source code and documentation for the systems (via this web site if open source) but Roving Dynamics Ltd will retain the right to re-use its code and designs in other projects to save other customers development time. If you have designed a system to re-sell you may of course request exclusive ownership of the source code and/or CAD files and any distribution rights.

Terms, warranty and small print

None of the conditions below are a get out of jail free clause for the company and we will pull out every stop (in many cases at our expense) to rectify problems or damage as soon as identified. Roving Dynamics does not and never will operate a blame culture it is all about openness, being able to identify problems before they happen and fixing them quickly if they do.

Unless otherwise requested, the final version of any software/hardware developed will be released under the terms and conditions of the lesser GPL licence and source code will be made available for download from this website or Github.

The company believes in keeping things simple, so all software comes with a lifetime of the system warranty.

Lifetime of the system warranty assumes the initial hardware and software environment does not change in a way that will compromise the original specification. The software will of course work on any other PC you buy and newer versions of operating systems where the underlying compatibility has not changed. Significant changes to external systems that the software relies on may however compromise the programs operation,  in these cases it is not possible to design around and the work required to bring it back into compliance will be chargeable. examples include where third party databases or systems are modified beyond the original specification they were designed for.

The warranty also assumes you have a good data backup system in place and maintain a proper backup plan as like all other software products it cannot and does not cover any losses due to data loss or corruptions.

Electronic systems are designed for 100% reliability and will include all recommended electronic buffering and protection as specified by the component manufacturer, however enclosure design is generally off-the shelf or up to the customer to arrange and this may determine the level of environmental protection offered, you should specify in advance any IP rating, EM shielding, CE, FCC and ROHS Standards and compliances before design starts.

All electronics carry a minimum on-site 12 month warranty on the electronics, PCB and wiring but generally not on the enclosure, faulty boards supplied by us will be replaced within the 12 month warranty and the company will cover the cost of sending replacement boards to the customers site. If the board has been externally manufactured by the customer or their agent they should contact the manufacturer. Outside of the 12 month warranty period any repairs and replacements will be carried out at customers cost. All system components will in addition carry their manufacturers warranty and component supply will be guaranteed for 7 years from manufacture via actual or equivalent parts.

Design issues if identified will be rectified free of charge, but the customer should ensure suitability for purpose testing is carried out at the prototype stage as the fix will only be applied to new revisions and wont cover existing software of electronics. The burden is therefore on the customer to ensure the design is fit for purpose before releasing or using the product live.

To help everyone, the burden is on the customer to report problems promptly, the quicker the problem is identified the quicker it can be resolved.

I don’t like exclusions but obviously the warranty does not cover natural disasters, lightning, brownouts, computer viruses, theft, interference or modification by third-parties, abductions by aliens or any other Acts of your deity of choice. Customers should also ensure they adequately protect such electronic or computer systems and passwords which may compromise integrity and security against hackers.

Unless specifically stated, due to the complexity of the systems involved, you are advised that Roving Dynamics Ltd does not hold itself liable for any problems caused by use or failure of any supplied system and customers should ensure their Insurance adequately covers them against system failures and data losses/errors.

I will be pleased to advise you beforehand on how to protect your investments and how any future environmental changes may affect your software or electronic systems to allow you to avoid such situations occurring.

Fit for purpose

If the work I do for you does not do exactly what you wanted or you are not happy with the results then I will either fix the problem or you will not be invoiced.

The small print!

You will not be invoiced until completion and will have 21 days to settle your invoice, any problems should be raised in this period and the invoice payment will be suspended until the matter is resolved fully to the customers satisfaction. Once the invoice is paid I will assume you are happy with the work however you will still be covered for errors and mistakes under my normal warranty terms. Changes in specification are not considered warranty issues.

Maintenance plans

Maintenance plans, if required, can be arranged with dedicated partners providing Service Level Agreements tailored to you and covering times when I am unavailable or out of hours work. Full training of your own staff to take over the system support can also be undertaken.

Invoice payments

Invoices can be paid either by cheque made out to Roving Dynamics Ltd or by electronic funds transfer to NZ Bank Account 02-1248-0224774-001