Lora Data Collection Terminal

Not really designed for manufacture, but the final version of this device is quite easy to assemble and doesn’t look too embarrassing for a low volume unit.

Design files are here => EasyEDA

The only change I may be making is to trial a few PCB antennas. The current 866Mhz spiral antennas were bought for $0.30 each but a PCB antenna would mean one less thing to do. But using the above antenna I am getting around 3KM range at 17dbM power.

Power consumption has dramatically reduced since removing the WiFi, this thing will easily work for 3 weeks on 2 x AA batteries and at least 12 months in power off mode so I am quite happy.

Note I am working on the software for the new design.

I would really love a proper custom case to properly house the RFID coil, snugly hold the LCD and allow a non slanted Barcode reader (see earlier posts on this) but this would make the design crazy expensive and I only need 50 at this time.

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