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Version 5 Power Up!

After a really long wait to assemble the PCB (See Time is not your friend) I managed to get a few hours to glue everything together, cook it and power it all up. I noticed the FFC connectors were a … Continue reading

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Time is not your friend

Prioritisation is a painful thing, as a business person you must prioritise for the customers and projects you already have (and will be charging for) over cooler projects and new customers you think you may have. When you work for … Continue reading

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New Project “Catch 2”

Looks like I’m going to be re-writing my production processing software for one of my favourite client Omega Seafoods to add sales order functionality and enhance the production side accuracy using barcodes, all left off the original 2007 spec and … Continue reading

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Fill Sensor Testing

The fill Sensor Mark 4 has proven to work real well with normal white and reds but sucks a bit when using clear bottles, so it was time to rip it out and look at where this bit went wrong. … Continue reading

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